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Our vision is to be Australia’s leading personal transport business, the first choice for Passengers, the preferred network for Drivers, the desired payment partner for industry participants and the employer of choice in the personal transport sector.

Cabcharge is investing to fulfill this vision and our overarching purpose of Connecting You with People and Places. We are determined to capture opportunities in the personal transport market and provide leading service and customer experience.

In our changing industry there is considerable scope for growth. We start from a position of strength and experience and are focused on leveraging our unique capabilities to build on our sustainable competitive advantage.


About Us

1) Taxi Networks

Cabcharge is the largest taxi booking and dispatch service provider in Australia. With an emphasis on delivering quality services and technological innovation, Cabcharge provides leading Taxi Network services to Taxi Operators and Drivers, including taxi booking services, full taxi fit-outs and repairs, vehicle financing and insurance, and Driver training and education. There are almost 7,500 taxis in the Cabcharge network that operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, regional Victoria and the Northern Territory.

2) Payments

Cabcharge facilitates non-cash payments in taxis via our electronic terminals. Our payments business has been operating successfully for 40 years, and remains at the forefront of cashless payment technology through continuous improvement and innovation. Cabcharge offers Passengers a convenient, fast and secure method for fare payments via a range of payment options.

3) Investments

Cabcharge holds a 49% investment in ComfortDelGro Cabcharge Pty Ltd (CDC), Australia’s largest private bus operator. CDC provides route, school and charter bus services in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains and Queanbeyan in New South Wales, and in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat in Victoria. Cabcharge also holds a 49% interest in CityFleet UK, a provider of account, booking and dispatch services for taxis and private hire vehicles in London, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, and coach services in London.

2016 Highlights

We have made significant progress on our strategic priorities

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    Restructured workforce, consolidated contact centres and standardised dispatch and phone systems

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    Rebranding of Newcastle Taxis to 13CABS, with operations in Adelaide, Melbourne and Newcastle now aligned under common branding

    Marketing campaigns undertaken to increase brand recognition

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    Bookings linked to payments through our apps as well as through payment services for some of our Merchant Partners

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    Installed FAREWAYplus and updated pinpad in over 18,000 taxis in Australia, supporting a better payment experience for Drivers and Passengers

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    Drivers can now call Passengers on approach, enhancing certainty of service for Passengers

    Improvement in passenger pick-up times by 26 seconds in NSW

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    Following a capital management review we identified non-core assets to dispose of including our Riley Street premises and shares held in ComfortDelGro

Personal Transport

Just as the Cabcharge of today is a different Company from 10 years ago, the market in which we operate has transformed. New business models, changing regulatory frameworks and renewed Passenger expectations have resulted in blending discrete segments into one much larger market – the personal transport market – with Passengers choosing from a range of transport solutions for each trip. This market includes both public and private transport as well as taxis and ridesharing (“private paid transport”). In this market in which Cabcharge now operates, there is considerable opportunity for growth given that private paid transport currently represents less than 1% of the entire personal transport market.

Looking ahead to FY21, population growth is expected to contribute to an increase in the personal transport market to 27.6 billion trips per annum. Private paid trips are expected to comprise approximately 255 million of those trips. Given the changes to personal transport and its regulation and operation, as well as underlying demand growth, there is a significant opportunity for Cabcharge to gain market share in the personal transport market.

For Cabcharge this opportunity presents in terms of both the volume of trips and the types and volumes of payments that we process. As shown in the chart below private paid transport currently has a small share of the overall market and any increase in this share will provide substantial opportunities for Cabcharge.

Chairman’s Report

Chief Executive Officer’s Report

The industries in which Cabcharge operates have always been competitive. We welcome competition because it broadens the scope and size of the personal transport services sector.


Chief Executive Officer’s Report

We aim to reward Customers with dependable and trusted service that delivers certainty and a frictionless and superior booking, journey and payment experience.


Opportunities for growth

  • Passengers can depend on us to arrive on time and take them where they need to go
  • We care about and fulfil our role within the transport ecosystem and wider community
  • We listen to and value feedback from our Passengers, Customers, Drivers, Colleagues and all other stakeholders
  • Customers can pay when booking
  • We are investing in payment technology
  • Fully integrated booking applications will support payments growth in pre-booked market
  • We will link payments to telephone bookings in FY17
  • Driver preferences are influencing in car payments
  • Feedback from Drivers highlight their preference for timely receipt of cash and ease of terminal use
  • Hand held terminal prototype developed with Pilot currently being tested in Sydney
  • We will roll-out hand held terminals in Sydney and Melbourne in FY17
  • Recent regulatory changes have removed constraints on growth
  • Customers want certainty of service in peak periods
  • Fleet can be demand responsive
  • We will expand in the private hire segment in FY17

Operating and Financial Review

We recognise the substantial opportunity for growth in personal transport in Australia in the midst of changing industry dynamics. We start from a position of strength and experience, and are determined to leverage Cabcharge’s unique capabilities to generate competitive advantage.



5-year compound annual growth rate in taxi fares processed


FAREWAYplus installed providing better payment experience for Drivers and Passengers


5-year compound annual growth rate in fleet size


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